We have the opportunity to run PFS games at the Ohio Comic Con this month September 20th – the 22nd. We are in need of 4 GMs to run 2 slots a piece. This will earn you a weekend badge for the Comic Con. There are 4 slots with 2 table in each slot. They are RPG Block A – Fri 4pm-8pm, RPG Block B – Sat 12pm-4pm, RPG Block C – Sat 4pm-8pm, and RPG Block D – Sun 12pm-4pm. They are requesting that 1 of the 2 slots be on Saturday with the other slot being on Friday or Sunday. Currently I am planning on taking a spot in RPG Block A & B. Should we get more then enough GMs and someone wants my spot, I will let them have it. We need to get these slots filled as soon as possible so it can go in their guide. If interested, please email me with the below information. This is a great opportunity to expand PFS to other conventions.

– Name
– Phone Number
– Email Address
– Which sessions they would be available for (ranked by preference)
– We would like each GM let us know the name of the adventure they would run and what the character level range the adventure is designed for

Michael McNerney

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