UPDATE: We’re getting down to the wire on GM sign-ups. I have to have the information in to Paizo by next week (I’m going for 4/9) so that Mike Brock has the opportunity to get the scenarios to our download pages. We still have GM slots open in almost every slot. We especially could use a few more in the Saturday, May 2, evening slot for the multi-table special. GM’s get a free weekend pass to the con. Don’t miss your chance to have a great time at CincyCon!

CincyCon Players and GM sign-ups now open. Please register at:http://cincycon.org/prereg.cfm
then go to: https://warhorn.net
to schedule what you’d like to play/GM.

CincyCon is May 1 thru 3 at the Butler County Fairgrounds in Hamilton, OH. Register for the convention at www.cincycon.org. Games are free to play, and there will be boons and prizes throughout the day.
For full details, please go to http://www.cincycon.org/.

If you sign up to GM, please send your paizo account email address and name to admcdonald@zoomtown.com so I can get your scenarios. GM’s get a free badge and will also receive a race boon and swag based upon the number of games GMed.

New to pathfinder? Stop by the HQ table to get a PFS Number and demo the game. Or sign up for The Wounded Wisp or The Silverhex Chronicles, both are introductory scenarios.

We are offering several of the “Bonekeep” scenarios. You must be a 4-Star or 5-Star GM or a Venture Officer to run these. Please do not sign up to GM the Bonekeep scenarios without proper qualification.

We are also offering “Core” scenarios throughout the convention. If you are unfamiliar with this option, please go to Paizo.com and read about it.

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