Malted Meeple – which is named after malts (the alcoholic and non-alcoholic kind) and the little meeple from Carcassonne – is a brand new gaming location.  It’s a gaming café, and it just opened in March.

It is a beautiful place.  They serve beverages of all sorts, and have plenty of comfortable room for gaming.  I met with one of the head meeple in charge – Karington – and he is very interested in getting some Pathfinder Society gaming going there on Monday nights.

I know that that conflicts with Underhill’s schedule, and Lee has been very good to us, and so I don’t want take anything away from Lee.  So, I figure that we can grow the player base overall, and share players between locations.

It’s on Darrow Road in Hudson.  So if Underhill’s is close to you, then so is Malted Meeple.

It’s a gaming café, so it’s $5 per person, per night.  There are all sorts of benefits to GMing there, too.  Karington has all the information on that, but it is highly beneficial to GM at Malted Meeple.  He needs GMs for Pathfinder Society, and he rewards them well.

I am still not available on evenings, so I am putting a call out to the community.  It takes a village.  We want to get some Pathfinder Society going at Malted Meeple on Monday nights.  The first scheduled session will be Monday, July 13th.  The times are the same:  between 6 and 10 PM.

Who can bring a friend, or relative, or anyone who has shown interest in Pathfinder Society – but just needed a nudge?  This is the perfect opportunity.

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