From the Paizo messageboards:

Mike Brock:
I have promoted Michael McNerney from VC of Columbus to VC of all of Ohio.

Brent Bowser has been reassigned from Dayton to Cincinnati.

Geoffrey Griffith has been assigned as the new VL of Dayton.

Welcome to the team, Geoffrey.

Michael McNerney:

Thanks everyone! I did want to say that Geoffrey aka wjsilver has done an excellent job working as a store coordinator in the Dayton area. He has stepped up and helped whenever we needed it. As an example, his very first GM session was at Origins last year. I had paid a visit to a Dayton game day and was recruiting GMs when he volunteered to run. He then proceeded to run at Origins without issue. Everything has been uphill from there. When Brent and I discussed who would take over for him we both quickly agreed on Geoffrey. Congrats Geoffrey and welcome to the team!

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