The streets were abuzz with news.  Whispers were urgent in their importance.  News about a change was nigh.

The town crier hammered an announcement onto the main wooden beam in the town square and turned to everyone and exclaimed, “Join the evolution!

All gathered in close to read the announcement.  It was titled, “First Look at the Pathfinder Playtest.

“But I can’t hardly read, ye lads!” exclaimed someone in the back.  “I’ve spent too much time with the kobolds and goblins.  Give me something to look at, with pretty colors!”

The town wizard stepped forward and cast Major Image:

Paizo Announces Pathfinder Second Edition!

“But!” exclaimed someone else, “I must talk to others, all across the land about these new and exciting changes.  I will use a combination of Message and Comprehend Languages in order to be able communicate with others on a messageboard!”

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