This year at Origins, we are seeking to establish new traditions and continue to grow PFS. Last year there was a target of 150 tables. With all the issues that crept up, we successfully ran 122 tables. With a few more GMs, we could have ran more tables as the vast majority of tables were at 6-7 players. One of the highlights was Saturday night’s Battle Interactive “Blood Under Absalom.” This featured NYC Venture Captain Art Lobdell dressed up playing the character of the Oni. There was also theĀ appearanceĀ of a local Larper playing the character of the Judge issuing a challenge to all the Pathfinders seeking entry into the Ruby Phoenix Tournament.

     In 2013 under the direction of Columbus Venture Captain Michael McNerney, Columbus Venture Lieutenant Justin Ross, and Ohio’s funniest comic Vincent Holiday, PFS at Origins seeks to raise the bar. For starters, we aim to be a place where level 12+ characters can find new adventures to embark on. With that said, we are going to be running all 4 parts of Eyes of the Ten series for those characters at level 12. Then we are looking to run a level 12+ table of Race for the Runecarved Key. On Sunday, we look to cap it all off with the level 14 module Tomb of the Iron Medusa. Other highlights for PFS at Origins include the running of Thornkeep from Pathfinder Online, Part 1 of Jason Buhlman’s special dungeon in the PFS Special: Ruins of Bonekeep, and the new EX Special Day of the Demon. Lastly, we are looking to end Origins with a lot of fun for those who stick around. We are holding our first annual Goblin Bash. That’s right, we will be ending it all with We Be Goblins. There may even be an appearance by some Goblins looking to see how evil of a Goblin everyone is.

See Everyone at Origins!
-Columbus Venture Captain Michael McNerney