Hi all, we are looking for more GMs for Origins (6/15/2016-6/19/2016), so if you have any interest sign up.  We can still use GMs at all tiers, but we are especially looking for GMs from Tier 1-6.  This year we are working to provide a ton of variety from all of the seasons, so the more the merrier.  Keep in mind that if you commit to a minimum of 4 sessions you will get your badge for Origins for free.  For more details see below:

GM registration for Origins 2016 is live! Please go to http://ohiopfs.org/origins/origins-gm-application/  to sign up. 4 GM slots will earn you a badge while 7 GM slots will earn you a badge and 1/4 hotel room or a parking pass.

Origins is taking place from Wednesday June 15th through Sunday June 19th. We’ve worked hard on the schedule to provide both current and core campaign options and plumbed the depths of the scenario catalog from season 0 through 8 to find the best that society has to offer!  We are planning to run over 300 table across 100+ scenarios/modules/APs and we want you! (to GM)

During 2016 we will be offering as many of the con special scenarios as we can and will be running the Pathfinder Society Special: Sky Key Solution on Saturday night.

Volunteer Reward Tiers:

Event Times:

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