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I believe the time has come to announce some really cool changes to the Pathfinder Society hierarchy, and how the changes open up all sorts of new opportunities for our gaming community here in Ohio.

First, as most of you already know, but I feel obliged to mention it in writing, due to personal issues, Mike Brock stepped down as the Organized Play Coordinator for Pathfinder Society at Paizo. Tonya Woldridge was selected to replace him. There was a period of overlap, but now that we are in the new year, Tonya is now the full-time OPC.

This year also introduces a new role, the Regional Venture-Coordinator. The globe was divided into ten regions for organizational reasons, and Ohio falls into the Great Lakes Region. The person that is our RVC is Bob Jonquet, from Decatur, Illinois. Congrats to Bob!

The new year also sees another new position, the Venture-Agent. The VA is a role where an individual is responsible for a specific gaming location. They are responsible for such things as organizing gaming sessions for Pathfinder Society at that location, campaigning for and welcoming new players, making sure everything runs smoothly at the gaming location, mentoring new players and GMs, and overall problem-solver and troubleshooter. There are some benefits that come with this new position, including free access to Pathfinder Society scenario PDFs.

So, how does this all pull together? Well, let’s get the bureaucracy out of the way. Here is the hierarchy, and the associated acronyms:

  • Organized Play Coordinator (OPC)
  • Regional Venture-Coordinator (RVC)
  • Venture-Captain (VC)
  • Venture-Lieutenant (VL)
  • Venture-Agent (VA)

If there are any issues, in general, you should go to the person directly above you. There might be exceptions to this hierarchy based on the specifics of the issue.

But, the beauty of the new hierarchy, and this is the most important part, is that the organization operates from the bottom up, instead of from the top down. So, what does this mean?

This means that the OPC and RVC, or even the VC, are not going to recruit or assign people to the VL or VA positions. The organization is leaving it up to each specific and individual area or location to petition for any new VL or VA positions, based on the need in that area. Paizo is letting us tell them what is needed.

So, as a player or GM in an area, if you see or feel a need for a new VL or VA, and you feel that you would make a good fit for the role, it is up to you to go to an existing VL (or VC, if your area is not covered by a VL) and describe the need for this position, and to argue the case that you should be a good candidate for one of these positions. It is being left up to us to organize our own areas.

You would just need to review the requirements here:

Get Involved!

And then send the next highest and geographically closest Venture-Officer the following information:

  • Name:
  • Paizo.com email:
  • Paizo.com username:
  • Position Desired:
  • Location:
  • I have read the requirements (yes/no):
  • Justification:

For my greater Cleveland folks, for more important information, please follow this link!

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