Starting today, August 26th, going through October 20th, whenever someone GMs at an official OhioPFS event in Columbus, Dayton, or Gateway Games in Cincinnati, they will be entered to win one of three PFS boons. First raffle winner will get to pick their boon from the following choices. Choice one is an Undine Race Boon that I picked up while at GenCon. This is the Elemental Water Race Boon. Choice two is the Kitsune Race Boon leftover from Origins. Choice three is the Extra Trait Boon also from Origins.  The second raffle winner will get to choose from the remaining two with the third raffle winner winning the remaining boon. As an extra special incentive, anyone who is a first time GM will earn two entries. Additionally, two entries will be earned by GMing at The Guardtower in Columbus or The Bookery in Dayton. Should you be interested in GMing, please let the VOs and Store Coordinators know.  Good luck GMs!!


Undine Race Boon, Kitsune Race Boon, Extra Trait Boon


1 per GM session

2 per GM session at The Guardtower or The Bookery

2 per GM session for first time GMs

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