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Author Topic: Con on the Cob 2017!
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Post Con on the Cob 2017!
on: August 10, 2017, 13:29

Presented by popular demand, and without further ado, here is the schedule for Con on the Cob 2017!:


Right now it's blank, but with your help, soon it will be full of eager GMs and a virtual cornucopia of events!

Some bullet-points:

    * When: November 9th through the 12th. Thursday through Sunday.
    * Where: The same Days Inn and Suites in Richfield as it has been for the past couple years.
    * Website: http://www.cononthecob.com.

More bullet-points:

    * Con on the Cob isn’t doing discounted GM badges this year. GMs have to pay full price, but instead, GMs are rewarded by CotC HQ with Coins on the Cob. You get one coin (I think worth one dollar each) for each hour that you actually GM - not just committing to GM. They want to cut down on GMs committing to GMing, getting the discounted badge, and then ghosting the table.
    * Andy from CotC knows we are coming, and is more happy to have us again. We are the largest single gaming event that CotC hosts. He is pushing the deadline out to September 1st just for us.
    * Same room. Five tables.

Más viñetas:

    * Event number is 154735.
    * Each GM can sign themselves up for whatever Paizo events they want to GM, whenever they want to GM them.
    * With the above change with the full badge price and the Coins on the Cob, I see no reason not to open up Thursday with the initial schedule. I won’t be there, so the rule of thumb about Thursday is that those individuals that are there that day have to be flexible and ready in case their table is cancelled, and to handle the remustering themselves. Also, the documentation must be solid for that day.

Important bullet-points:

    * Three of the tables are reserved for Pathfinder Society. One table is reserved for Starfinder Society. The fifth table is tentatively reserved for the Adventure Card Guild.
    * The Adventure Card Guild events are usually two hours long, so I’m asking whoever volunteers to run a slot of ACG, to run two events within four hours.
    * The tables for the Adventure Card Guild can be overwritten by either Pathfinder Society or Starfinder Society events at will. All that I ask is that the other tables for that time slot be full first, before the ACG is turned into a PFS or SFS table.
    * This convention we are going to have the freshly-inaugurated Starfinder Society campaign available to us. I want to highly promote this, and extremely urge all of us to get involved with this new campaign, and to encourage as many SFS tables as possible.
    * All slots are wide open for scenarios, modules, quests, demos, Ruins of Bonekeep - whatever the GM wants to run.
    * For the Ruins of Bonekeep, those are five hours long. The GM should prepare for that, and be flexible.
    * The Special will be run Saturday night, and it will be 8-99, “The Solstice Scar”!
    * I'm looking for volunteer GMs to run tables for the Special.
    * I’m also looking for an Overseer GM. I'm more than happy to do it myself, but I'm also more than happy to step aside and let someone else give it a shot.
    * I am also looking for a team of administration and operations volunteers to handle such stuff. This team will be responsible for:
    * Making sure that the paperwork from each table makes it into the hands of a capable individual who will report that table.
    * Handling the raffle system with the swag. It must be fair, and not random.
    * Mustering tables on the fly - especially with the Special.
    * Having random paperwork, like boons, PFS ID cards, and pregen characters, at the ready.

I’m really looking forward to this Con on the Cob. This should be a big one!

The deadline will be August 30th, as I have to reformat the schedule and get it over to Con on the Cob. That gives us more than three weeks, which should be plenty of time. But, come August 30th, the schedule will be finalized.

Ryan Kappler
Venture-Captain, Ohio-Cleveland

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