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Date(s) - 06/23/2018
5:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Beyond the Board


Pathfinder Society Scenario #9–21: In the Grandmaster’s Name
A Pathfinder Society Scenario designed for levels 3–7.

Run by Don

Two old allies-turned-enemies have taken shelter in a nigh-unassailable sanctum, yet the Pathfinder Society is committed to capturing them in Absalom’s name. Rather than risk Pathfinders’ lives in a reckless assault, the Society has turned to a different tool: misinformation. Both fugitives rely on intelligence provided by Grandmaster Torch, and Society operatives recently intercepted Torch’s latest team of agents. Now it’s up to the PCs to pose as the Grandmaster’s employees, rendezvous with the fugitives’ agent in Druma, and pass off forged documents that will spook the criminals into abandoning their sanctum. It should be easy, but what Druma lacks in marauding monsters, it more than makes up in deadly debts, old promises, and powerful kalistocrats.

Contents in “In the Grandmaster’s Name” also contribute directly to the ongoing storyline of the Grand Lodge faction. Background events leading up to this scenario also appear in Season 4 of the Pathfinder Adventure Card Guild.

Written by Jenny Jarzabski.


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  • Don Treadway
  • Elizabeth Nold
  • Janice
  • Daniel Curzon
  • James Tucker