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17 Responses to My Bookings

  1. Redshirt says:

    Sorry I have cancel, I have a wedding that I have to go to.

  2. Spark_of_Light says:

    Sorry, I forgot to write that my character is level 1.

  3. Spark_of_Light says:

    Ugh! I’m going to have to cancel. I’ve got the flu and I assume the rest of you don’t want it. Sorry for the late notice. I kept hoping I would be well enough to attend. 🙁

  4. Saberwhoa says:

    Sorry I have to cancel
    as well.

  5. mcoppel says:

    I may have to cancel later in week as I was hoping to have 2 spots 1 for my son. Both new players. I will keep an eye out for another cancelation for him or else will have to cancel later in week.

  6. mcoppel says:

    Nevermind previous may cancel notice, in 100% either way.

  7. Spark_of_Light says:

    Sorry! I signed up for A Bitter Bargain, but my son is pretty sick. I really ought to sat home with him tonight. Many apologies!!!

  8. cyrad says:

    Sorry, Andy. I’m not going to be able to play Bitter Bargain. i already played the first Destiny of the Sands at CincyCon last year.

  9. InvictusDaemon says:

    Sorry Janice, the wife made plans this weekend so I had to cancel for Saturday (9/12)

  10. cyrad says:

    Events page is broken.

  11. buckX says:

    Trapped at work. :/

  12. Galen Buttitta says:

    What is considered proper etiquette for these events? Do I generate the character beforehand or is that done at the event?

  13. zerocool8765 says:

    I am sorry for the late cancel…hopefully someone can still snag my spot.

  14. Garret says:

    I am sorry to cancel so soon to the game time.

  15. InvictusDaemon says:

    I’m running late to the 11:00 game. I’m on my way though

  16. Andrew Graves says:

    Ah, sorry for the last minute cancellation. Family emergency.

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