CritCon is the first annual gaming convention hosted by the CriticalGlitch podcast. It is a day of gaming to help your fellow man, as admission is only a donation of 5 non perishable items brought for the Mid Ohio Food Bank. The convention opens at 9:00 AM and goes until 7:00 PM. Come out and play some games and help those in need. The mid Ohio Food Bank is always in need of supplies. To view the list of the most needed item, please go here!

To sign up to play or GM, please visit CritCon 2013 If you sign up to GM, please send an email to OhioPFS and we will get you your scenarios. Currently the selected events are Halloween/Undeadish themed for the Holiday. If there is one you would really like to run instead, please feel free to send me the request. We will also cover the 5 non perishable item donations for anyone who GMs. Join me and CriticalGlitch at CritCon 2013 and help support the Mid-Ohio foodbank.

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