It’s time to get the Pathfinder/Starfinder schedule together for Con on the Cob 2018. I’ve got two survey links below. The first is soliciting interest in the three (or four) systems we’ll be running at Cob this year. This survey is for any potential PLAYERS to fill out. Please pass this link along to anyone who might be playing this year. Player Survey

The second link is to sign-up as a GM for PFS/SFS at Con on the Cob 2018. If you’re interested in GMing, please fill out this survey. GM Sign-up

If you’re planning to play and GM, please fill-out both surveys. They should only take a minute or two each.

I’ll be using the player survey (and the GM availability) to build a schedule of games and getting it out to GMs and players alike ASAP.

Please complete these surveys within the next week. I’ll be collating results and building schedules next weekend.


Thank you,
Gino A Melone
Venture Captain – Ohio’s North Coast

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