We are using a Google Sheet to let GMs sign themselves up to run their own games.  GMs can choose to run whatever they want to in their four-hour slot:  Scenarios, modules, quests, two PFSACGs – even a Ruins of Bonekeep, if they can fit it within the time allotted.  Once a particular slot is full of PFS and SFS, then the ACG slot can be switched over to a PFS or SFS slot instead.  The spreadsheet is here:

Con on the Cob 2017 GM Spreadsheet!

Days Inn, Richfield, Ohio

Event # 154735
Con on the Cob? What the goose is a Con on the Cob?

That, my friend, is a very good question. To put it simply: Con on the Cob is a coalescence of all Human experience, refined and distilled into an essential cloud of pure smiles. To put it even more simply: it’s a FOUR DAY CELEBRATION OF GAMES, ART, FREAKS, AND FUN!

Con on the Cob is all things to all people. It’s a gaming con, chock full of RPGs, board games, card games, party games, and all sorts of that kind of jazz. It’s also an art fair, with a large selection of talented artists in attendance and an amazing abundance of fantasty, science fiction, horror, and geeky art and art activities. Oh, and it’s The Mother of All Marketplaces, cbr600rr fairings,with over 50 vendors showcasing a wide variety of jazz, snazz, and zazz, boosting the geekonomy like old school Robin Hoods (but without the stealing and the giving stuff away for free (ok, not like Robin Hoods. I failed analogy class in Kindergarten). Don’t forget the parties… Did I mention the parties? There are parties. A LOT of them. Also there are other things, like our amazing special Guests, the Children of the Cob, the Comedy Music Extravagasm!, a super sweet Auction, a Games Library, free snacks in the Con Suite, Panels, Workshops, and Demos, a whole track of Cosplay and Fandom related activities, ninja 250r fairings,and a massive horde of potential friends and peeps who dig the same things you dig!

WHEN: November 9-12, 2017

WHERE: DAYS INN & SUITES – Richfield, Ohio (scroll down for reservation information)

Hours of Operation

Con on the Cob begins at noon on Thursday November 9, 2017 and doesn’t end until 5:00pm on Sunday November 12. Actually, there’s some sneaky stuff going on on Wednesday as well, so maybe consider getting there a day early. Please see the schedule for a more detailed listing. Many events run 24 hours, but here are the hours for the main rooms:


Days Inn & Suites
4742 Brecksville Rd
Richfield, OH 44286

(330) 659-6151

Make sure to tell them you are with Con on the Cob to get the best rate. 2006 gsxr 600 fairings,I can not stress this enough. It is so extremely important the planet may actually implode if you do not follow this direction (actually, it will just cost us a lot more to rent the venue and that would suck).

2017 Room Rate Schedule

Until Sept 30th: $99/night
Oct 1st – November 8th: $109/night
At the door: $119/night

Other Info

Con on the Cob has been invading northern Ohio with corny goodness since 2005. Average attendance is 800-900 for the weekend, with over 70 vendors, artists, and exhibitors.

Where Con on the Cob
Days Inn
4742 Brecksville Road
Richfield, Ohio 44286
Contact Ryan Kappler

Age rating: Family Friendly. Game complexity: Easy.

This event is being hosted at a convention or other venue which requires a fee to get in.

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