Hey Everyone!  I know it seems like we just finished with AnCon 2015 (that’s because we did).  But, it is already time to start gearing up for Con on the Cob 2015!

The dates are October 15th through October 18th.  That is a Thursday through a Sunday.

I have been in touch with the owner and organizer of Con on the Cobb, Andy Hopp, and he is very excited to have the legions of Pathfinder Society agents attend this year’s Con on the Cob.  Here are the details:

First, Con on the Cob has moved!  It is going to be at a Days Inn in Richfield:

Days Inn & Suites
4742 Brecksville Road
Richfield, OH 44286

I’ve never been there, but everyone I talk to says that it is a really nice venue for a gaming convention. Andy has set aside a dedicated gaming location just for Pathfinder Society.

Next, there is all sorts of more information about the convention located both at the Con on the Cob website and in the event that I created on the calendar, but really, this is a call to muster the GMs.

The success of our local conventions fall heavily upon the participation of the GMs. As you know, it is very rewarding and prestigious to volunteer to GM at our local conventions.

I myself have already registered to run the second level of the Ruins of Bonekeep several times over the weekend.

To volunteer to GM, it is a very simple two steps:

1.  We are keeping it just as simple as we did with AnCon.  You get to choose which scenarios you are running, and when you are running then.  Just go to the “Gaming” tab on the Con on the Cob website, and fill out the form. It’s very similar to the same form you filled out for AnCon. It’s short, and all of the fields are pretty self-explanatory. The only thing you have to make sure you do is put “Pathfinder Society” in the “Rules System” field.

Con on the Cob operates a little differently than AnCon. For Con on the Cob, you have to register to GM by August 1st, and the discounted GM badge is $25. All of the games are free to all of the convention participants, so there is no payment or reward for players at your tables. You also have to commit to running two events to get that discounted $25 GM badge. That badge gives you unfettered access to the entire convention for all four days.  You can register your events and purchase your badge all at the same time.

2.  But, as always, we will have swag that is provided by Paizo for our convention!  I need to register the convention with Paizo almost immediately after that August 1st deadline.  So, as soon as you register to run some events, please send me an email with the scenarios you are running, and the email address that you use on Paizo’s website. This is to ensure that I can get the scenarios to you, for free – and it determines how much swag Paizo will send.

So, August 1st is only a couple weeks away. We have to act quickly!

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