For those who do not already know, Brent Bowser aka Vincent Holiday has stepped down as the Cincinnati VL. Apparently there is enough people that he has fooled into thinking he is funny that he is getting more comedy gigs. By stepping down, Brent has more free to time to pursue his Comedy career. We hope to one day see him on tv with his own special. Thanks Brent for all your hard work and sticking things out to make sure CincyCon run as smoothly as possible!

With Brent stepping down, we need to promote another VL for Cincinnati. I have talked with those interested and have received feedback from some members of the community. I would like to thank everyone who was interested in becoming the new VL. I have decided to promote Andy McDonald to become the new Cincinnati VL. I look forward to the good work Andy will do in the community. Please congratulate him on the Paizo forums. Welcome to the team Andy!

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