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We are trying a new special event format for our “5th Saturday” of a mini-convention and need your support to help it go well!

The plan is as follows; changes to this plan may occur but we will do our best to keep them minimal.
Comments should be enabled on this event and we encourage your feedback to help make this experiment a success!

Each of these items will be linked to their booking page as they are created.

Day 1: 4/30

Day 2: 5/1

Day 3: 5/2


Please contact Ross to volunteer to GM.
We will supply all scenarios as early as possible if you do not already have them to help you prep.
All Reporting Sheets, Chronicle Sheets, and Iconics will be provided for Saturday.

Items struck through have been canceled due to lack of interest.

We are working at making the site better and more usable for you!

Reorganizing sections, sprucing up the events, Getting Players and GM’s utility that has been asked for for a while… it’s a work in progress.

Check the forums here and let us know how we’re doing or let us know if you are interested in helping out somehow!

Starting this Saturday and then rotating Saturdays of every other opposite The Guardtower locally we will be holding society events at our newest location. Because of how well the locations launch was received we will be starting with 2 regular tables catering to new and mid-level players. Please contact me if you would like to GM a table with what scenario you wish to run.

To the left is now a list of this months upcoming games starting with today’s at the top.

All’s well, carry on.

a temporary fix has disabled the styling of the calendar, but the events are back… i’ll keep working on it!

A calendar update removed some of the events… please add them back at your earliest convenience.
If you had pre-registered for an event you may need to do so again.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

We are currently fixing many minor issues that will hopefully provide vast improvements to user experience and general functionality. Please be patient should there be unexpected errors while this occurs… though you should report any and all errors so that we can fix them. redundancy is never a bad thing and if everyone expects the next person to report an issue we may never know there are any.


GM 101 is a course that is divided into four lessons, each lasting approximately one hour. These include “Roleplaying: Bringing Scenarios to Life,” Rules: Enabling Awesomeness, Restricting Abuse,” “Running the Game: Nike Air Max 90 pas cher,The Science Behind Art,” and “Advanced Topics: When the Unexpected Strikes.” These four basic topics will allow a player, new to GMing, to ease into the role, and also feel more comfortable overseeing the enjoyment of a table for a group of four to six players.

We are looking to host this and need to know who’s interested.Nike pas cher france, location and time TBA pending response so please leave a comment and we will work out the details to get this rolling.