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Underhills games in Cuyahoga Falls is resuming monday night pathfinders in store, the owners just ask us to wear face masks and keep tables to less than 6 people (5 players and a GM) they have a new location two store fronts down from the old store (in the old abby anns) with double the playing space!

Underhills Games in Cuyahoga Falls is looking for GMs/DMs for Pathfinder Society 1E and 2E, Starfinder Society and D&D AL for Board and Book 2019 October 26th and 27th 2019 please see the link below for more information and how to sign up to run a session. any questions email Theresa McHan Nee Behrens

Links should now be fixed, sorry about the delay

Happening October 7th and 8th Underhills games presents Absalom to Absalom Station. Two days of Starfinder games and pathfinder games. We have a 5 star, 1 Nova GM coming in to run most of our starfinder games. Saturday takes place at the┬áHampton Inn in Stow, Sunday will be at Underhill’s games in Cuyahoga Falls. It is $20 for the entire weekend, Saturday costs $15, Sunday costs $10. For full schedule and to sign up for games please go to Any Questions please email Theresa McHan