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On behalf of Tim Broadwater, West Viginia VL:

Pathfinder Society at PopCon

For those who do not already know, Brent Bowser aka Vincent Holiday has stepped down as the Cincinnati VL. Apparently there is enough people that he has fooled into thinking he is funny that he is getting more comedy gigs. By stepping down, Brent has more free to time to pursue his Comedy career. We hope to one day see him on tv with his own special. Thanks Brent for all your hard work and sticking things out to make sure CincyCon run as smoothly as possible!

With Brent stepping down, we need to promote another VL for Cincinnati. I have talked with those interested and have received feedback from some members of the community. I would like to thank everyone who was interested in becoming the new VL. I have decided to promote Andy McDonald to become the new Cincinnati VL. I look forward to the good work Andy will do in the community. Please congratulate him on the Paizo forums. Welcome to the team Andy!

It is my privilege to welcome Jim Harris to the VO ranks as the 2nd VL for Columbus. Jim and I 1st met at Origins last year as he was a walk-in during the con. He had such a great time that he came out to our local organized events. He has given back to the Columbus community by organizing the events for one of our stores and GMing at numerous locations. He has been a sounding board for both myself and Justin, the other Columbus VL. Jim has also had the privilege of having his rogue die in back to back games run by me. 🙂

With this promotion, he and Justin will be working on continuing to grow PFS in the current area and expanding it to the neighboring areas of Columbus. I look forward to all of the great work Jim will put in making PFS even better. Please visit the Paizo Forums and welcome Jim!

Origins 2014 Registration is live! Please go to Origins GM Application to sign up. 4 GM slots will earn you a badge while 7 GM slots will earn you a badge and 1/4 hotel room. For those who GM at least 7 slots but don’t want/need the hotel room, we are looking into alternate rewards.

Origins takes place this year from June 11th through the 15th. We have a lot of fun events planned for this year and we will need even more GMs then last year to accomplish our goal of 250 tables. As we get closer to Origins, I will share more of what we have planned. What I can share now is that we will once again be holding our annual Goblin Bash on the Sunday of Origins aka the last day of the con. We will be expanding it from WBG I & II to also include Frostfur Captives, Rise of the Goblin Guild, and the PFS portion of Rise of the Runelords Burnt Offerings. One of the fun events we are looking at running but will require more GM commitment is holding our first annual Midnight Madness event. This is our first attempt to have an organized Midnight Madness event and we will have some goodies set aside for those that choose brave it. All we need are some crazy GMs willing to stay up late. This would take place 12:30 am Saturday. We will also be running Pathfinder Society Special: Siege of the Diamond City on Saturday night. Last year we had Sheila Heidmarch visit all the way from her Manor in Magnimar. Who knows who will show up this year. This is especially true since Origins theme this year is Monsters!

The Origins Media guest of Honor this year is Alaina Huffman who currently appears on Supernatural. Make sure and sign up to GM and be apart of the fun. See you all at Origins in June!

This is a little overdue but here are the winners of the GM Raffle.

1st Prize – Jim Harris from Columbus
2nd Prize – Todd Thomas from Cincinnati
3rd Prize – Timothy Withem from Upper Miami Valley

Congrats everyone and thanks for GMing!!!

CritCon is the first annual gaming convention hosted by the CriticalGlitch podcast. It is a day of gaming to help your fellow man, as admission is only a donation of 5 non perishable items brought for the Mid Ohio Food Bank. The convention opens at 9:00 AM and goes until 7:00 PM. Come out and play some games and help those in need. The mid Ohio Food Bank is always in need of supplies. To view the list of the most needed item, please go here!

To sign up to play or GM, please visit CritCon 2013 If you sign up to GM, please send an email to OhioPFS and we will get you your scenarios. Currently the selected events are Halloween/Undeadish themed for the Holiday. If there is one you would really like to run instead, please feel free to send me the request. We will also cover the 5 non perishable item donations for anyone who GMs. Join me and CriticalGlitch at CritCon 2013 and help support the Mid-Ohio foodbank.

From the Paizo messageboards:

Mike Brock:
I have promoted Michael McNerney from VC of Columbus to VC of all of Ohio.

Brent Bowser has been reassigned from Dayton to Cincinnati.

Geoffrey Griffith has been assigned as the new VL of Dayton.

Welcome to the team, Geoffrey.

Michael McNerney:

Thanks everyone! I did want to say that Geoffrey aka wjsilver has done an excellent job working as a store coordinator in the Dayton area. He has stepped up and helped whenever we needed it. As an example, his very first GM session was at Origins last year. I had paid a visit to a Dayton game day and was recruiting GMs when he volunteered to run. He then proceeded to run at Origins without issue. Everything has been uphill from there. When Brent and I discussed who would take over for him we both quickly agreed on Geoffrey. Congrats Geoffrey and welcome to the team!

We have the opportunity to run PFS games at the Ohio Comic Con this month September 20th – the 22nd. We are in need of 4 GMs to run 2 slots a piece. This will earn you a weekend badge for the Comic Con. There are 4 slots with 2 table in each slot. They are RPG Block A – Fri 4pm-8pm, RPG Block B – Sat 12pm-4pm, RPG Block C – Sat 4pm-8pm, and RPG Block D – Sun 12pm-4pm. They are requesting that 1 of the 2 slots be on Saturday with the other slot being on Friday or Sunday. Currently I am planning on taking a spot in RPG Block A & B. Should we get more then enough GMs and someone wants my spot, I will let them have it. We need to get these slots filled as soon as possible so it can go in their guide. If interested, please email me with the below information. This is a great opportunity to expand PFS to other conventions.

– Name
– Phone Number
– Email Address
– Which sessions they would be available for (ranked by preference)
– We would like each GM let us know the name of the adventure they would run and what the character level range the adventure is designed for

Michael McNerney

It is my privilege to welcome Timothy Withem to the VO ranks. Tim and I go way back and have been in the same home group for 15 years or so. We started back in high school playing AD&D. We eventually made our way through the D&D editions to D&D 3.5 and then skipping 4th edition to go to Pathfinder when it came out. Tim was the person who introduced me to PFS. He is to be blamed for me losing my free time and sleep for the good of the Society.

Tim will be responsible for growing the area known as Upper Miami Valley which is north of Dayton, Ohio. Currently he is organizing 1 store but will be working on bringing the other 5 stores in the areas into the fold and starting PFS at one of the local high schools. It will be exciting to see what we can do with this area. Welcome to the team!


Feel free to welcome him on Paizo’s website by going to this post.

Starting today, August 26th, going through October 20th, whenever someone GMs at an official OhioPFS event in Columbus, Dayton, or Gateway Games in Cincinnati, they will be entered to win one of three PFS boons. First raffle winner will get to pick their boon from the following choices. Choice one is an Undine Race Boon that I picked up while at GenCon. This is the Elemental Water Race Boon. Choice two is the Kitsune Race Boon leftover from Origins. Choice three is the Extra Trait Boon also from Origins.  cheap jordan 11,The second raffle winner will get to choose from the remaining two with the third raffle winner winning the remaining boon. As an extra special incentive, anyone who is a first time GM will earn two entries. Additionally, two entries will be earned by GMing at The Guardtower in Columbus or The Bookery in jordan retro 11, Should you be interested in GMing, please let the VOs and Store Coordinators know.  Good luck GMs!!


Undine Race Boon, Kitsune Race Boon, Extra Trait Boon


1 per GM session

2 per GM session at The Guardtower or The Bookery

2 per GM session for first time GMs