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In our usual “5th Saturday” spirit the Columbus community is running yet another interactive! On September 29, Orc Forge Games will play host to #9-00 which has NEVER BEEN RUN in Columbus!

Orc Forge has graciously offered us TEN tables worth of space so we would love to have a good turn out for this event. We welcome out of town visitors from around Ohio to consider coming to visit us for this special event. Sign-ups are live NOW on

For those unfamiliar or from outside of Columbus; Orc Forge is located inside the Tuttle Mall (food court entrance & external entrance).


Last year at Origins the Pickerington Public Library approached us about running some Pathfinder on site. After much hard work by the library staff, we are participating in their Big Comic Show on Free Comic Book Day (May 6). We will be running two full runs of the new quest-scenario #8-16: House of Harmonious Wisdom ( starting at 11 am and 1 pm. Full details and registration for the event can be found here:

Hope to see some folks out there!

For those of us not able to make the trek to GenCon in a few weeks, our local players here in Columbus have organized a three-day gaming event instead. Signups are live and GMs are needed.

The event details can be found here:

On Sunday January 31, we are hosting another special event at Tee Jay’s restaurant c/o The Soldiery. We will be running the season 2 special, “Year of the Shadow Lodge.” I need a minimum of three tables to run this event, so I need at least three GMs to volunteer to make this another successful event.

NOTE: this event originally scheduled for Saturday 1/30, but a conflict at the venue has necessitated that we do this on Sunday!

OhioPFS has been asked to organize some PFS events at a new store in Dublin, OH called Beyond the Board. The store website can be found at:

I just got back from visiting the store; they have quite a lot of space including a back RPG room. To test interest in events at this new venue, I (Jim) will run our first session on Saturday, June 21 at 3 pm. The store owner and I think that games on weekends would draw the most interest at this particular store, so we are going to try Saturdays but might look at alternating Sundays for future events.

If this store takes off successfully I may be looking for a store coordinator.

Registration for their first event: