I will be vacating my position as Venture Lieutenant effective September 12th this year. As other, real life obligations have taken their rightful place on my priority list, I’m left with much less time for gaming. It has been a lot of fun organizing, GMing and playing PFS, but now is the right time for me to step aside.

I intend to play out my scheduled games until September 12, but after that, I really don’t see any windows where I know I’ll be able to run or play until next summer. I do intend to help with both BattleCon and CincyCon as much as I can.

If anyone is interested in being a Venture Officer, send an e-mail to Mike McNerney at OhioPFS@gmail.com.

With that said, I wanted to thank everyone for the great times and especially thank everyone who gave their time and effort to GM. You made my life a lot easier. I will not be vanishing instantly or anything, so I’ll still see most of you around. I hope I helped you have fun, that is the main goal of all of this.

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